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4K’s Mobile Broadband Kit (MBK) configured with Verizon “One Talk”

Posted Oct 24, 2017 in Products

October 23, 2017

4k is proud to announce that we are Verizon One Talk authorized.

4K Solutions Mobile Broadband Kit (MBK) Configured with Verizon “One Talk” and leveraging the robust 4g/LTE networking capabilities of CradlePoint routers enables us to offer our customers a simple solution that seamlessly ties in their smart phones, mobile devices and One Talk desk phones anywhere in the world.

One Talk: One Talk is a multi-line telephone solution that can help employees who work in an office, are on the go and remote, or a combination of both.
Your mobile telephone number is shared across multiple devices, giving you access to calls and business telephone features on any of your common devices, including:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Verizon One Talk desk phones

One TalkSM.
One Number.
Multiple Devices.

Contact 4K Solutions today or your Verizon representative to order your MBK with Verizon One Talk.