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Element Armour Spotlight

Posted: 27-07-2017 in Announcements, Products

4K Spotlights Element Armour Element Armour is the world’s first and only tent company focused on protecting satellite terminals. Most VSAT’s are built tough, but after weeks and months of continuous use, even the toughest of terminals start to break down. Element Armour manufactures RF permeable tents for the use of covering VSAT’s and other […]

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Codan Radio Communications Demonstration with 4K Solutions!

Posted: 26-07-2017 in Announcements, Products

Codan Radio Communications Demonstration with 4K Solutions 4K Solutions along with Codan Radio Communications demonstrated their “Envoy” and “Patrol” High Frequency (HF) radios to a National Guard emergency response customer this week. Codan and 4K successfully established an ALE link over 70 miles. The HF radio channel was clear and AES encrypted with both digital […]

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Deployable Networking Solutions

Posted: 25-07-2017 in Announcements, Products

Deployable Networking Solutions from 4K Solutions Our Tactical Networking Solution’s partners offer a wide variety of turn-key Custom deployable Networking Solutions for every mission and setting. Read more here: 4K Solutions provides a range of deployable and tactical communications products and solutions meeting the diverse mission requirements of our military, government, first-responders, and civilian/commercial […]

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Klas Telecom Spotlight

Posted: 19-07-2017 in Announcements, Products

Klas Telecom Founded in 1991, Klas Telecom is an engineering and design company with over 25 years’ experience developing highly capable, lightweight communications solutions for use in austere environments where low size, weight, power (SWaP) and ruggedization are required. With over 80% of the company dedicated to engineering and design, Klas Telecom is able to […]

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WAVE Training the Special Operations Forces in Okinawa!

Posted: 18-07-2017 in Events, Products

Wave Training In Okinawa with Special Forces This week 4K Solutions was able to travel to Okinawa to provide Motorola Solutions: WAVE training to the Special Operations Forces! 4K is the “Go-To” company for WAVE training. Hands-on full lab for 12 students at your facility is how we do it! We are proud to support the […]

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Work Longer With Gridless Power Solutions!

Posted: 13-07-2017 in Announcements, Products

Gridless Power Solutions from 4K! Introducing Gridless Power Solutions through 4K Solutions. A new line of portable, durable, smart batteries for all your needs!             Gridless Power designs and manufactures the most intelligent battery systems in the world to deliver power where it is needed most. Gridless technology is being […]

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WAVE Training With the Air Force by 4K!

Posted: 27-06-2017 in Announcements, Events

WAVE Training with Air Force Special Operations and Air Combat Command Airman 4K Solutions is onsite at Hurlburt Field, Florida delivering our Air Force customers the most comprehensive WAVE Training in the industry today. 4K is the “Go-To” company for WAVE training. Due to our Hands-on full lab for 12 students at your facility! Which as a […]

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4K Introduces Low-Profile PRC-152 Radio Mount

Posted: 26-06-2017 in Announcements, Products

New Low Profile Radio Mount 4K Solutions is proud to partner with Miscellaneous Engineering to offer their new AN/PRC-152 radio mount. This new low profile mount can also fit a MPU5 MANET radio in addition to the AN/PRC-152 radio.            This mount has the ability to allow the radio to lay flat or erect. As a result, making this mount […]

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4K Solutions on Site at Fort Bragg With Kopis Mobile

Posted: 23-06-2017 in Events, Uncategorized

4K Solutions Demonstrates Kopis Mobile’s FastForm 1306 Jump Manifest System Today 4K is in Fort Bragg supporting all the XVIII units including the 82nd by demonstrating Kopis Mobile’s Fast Form 1306 Jump Manifest System. This is in support of the Fort Bragg Saturday Proficiency Jump Program (SPJP). With the help of the FastForm 1306, four lifts […]

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4K Tests New 4G/LTE Private Networks!

Posted: 23-06-2017 in Products

4K Solutions team tests a new 4G/LTE private network! We believe in testing our solutions for ourselves including 4G/LTE private networks, making sure they meet not only the standards they claim but our customers standards as well. Questions we answer before bringing you a 4G/LTE private network: 1. Is this network reliable? As a result if we are connected to […]

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