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Deployable Communications & Network Enclaves (Kits)

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Founded in 2001, DTECH LABS provides a range of deployable and tactical communications products and solutions meeting the diverse mission requirements of our military, government, first-responders, and civilian/commercial customer base.

Below we list a few products to help give our customers a brief look at the offerings from CUBIC/DTECH Labs.


+Ruggedized, Small Form Factor
+Tactical Router/Network Gateway
+Man-pack or Vehicle Mount
+Cisco Routing and Switching
+Network Capabilities in Remote Areas
+Accepts Common Military Batteries

TXC4: Tactical eXpeditionary Command and Control, Communications and Computer (TXC4) Wolverine system

TXC4 Data Sheet:TXC4 Datasheet


+Small Form Factor
+Man Pack
+Vehicle Mount
+Network Capabilities in Remote Areas


The EXT router/network gateway is a ruggedized, small form-factor, man-packable, or transit cased solution used to provide users with data network capabilities required to facilitate critical communications.

Datasheet for the M3-EXT: M3-EXT Datasheet


The M3-LITE is a small form factor general purpose computer powered by an Intel® Atom™ processor providing software definable capabilities such as the Cisco® 5921 router IOS for full-featured routing and commercial security, at the very edge of any IP network, utilizing several wireless connectivity options.

M3-LITE datasheet: M3-LITE_Datasheet

To learn more about the wide range of products we offer from CUBIC/DTECH contact us today!

4K Solutions is a proud partner to CUBIC/DTECH Labs!


Custom Networking Solutions

Remote Radio Kit (General Dynamics GD-200 Radio)

4K-RRICK-GFG-GWY-URC200 Remote Radio Integrated Communications Kit-URC200 (RRICK)

Remote Radio Integrated Communications Kit-URC200 (RRICK)

RRICK is custom configured for the US Air Force customer for a deployable mission. The 4K-RRICK-GFG-GWY-URC200 is packaged in a ruggedized transportable case. Each transit case consists of 2 each URC-200 Transceivers. Case to include all internal cabling required to install the following: 2 – URC200 Transceivers, 1 – RoIP /telephony Gateway, 2 – Battery Eliminators, 2 – Amplified Speakers, 1 – AC/DC Converter 600watts, 1 – Power Distribution Unit. Includes 2 dual band base station antennas and 2 man-pack antennas.



Deployable Networking Enclave

Deployable Networking - NIPR

4K Solutions Deployable Networking Enclave

The Deployable Networking Enclave are used for SIPRNET, NIPRNET and Cisco

Call Manager Operations.








photo3 5photo 31


Deployable Baseband Kits

Baseband Kits-Cropped Deployable Kits designed for secure and non-secure satellite operations to support NIPRNET, SIPRNET using Cisco routers and the 4K Solutions 1U Global UPS.

Kits consist of a switch, voip accessory kits.

























Deployable Video TeleConference (VTC) Kits

Deployable VTC (Cisco) Kits

Cisco EX60 & Cisco EX90’s

DVCK-EX60 -4K Columbus-20121108-01498 SONY DSC SONY DSC












Vidyo Deployable VTC Systems

Deployable Vidyo VTC Systems

SONY DSC 2012-3-16_DVCK-3U (5)2012-3-16 DVCK-4U (2)



DVCK-4K-4K Solutions

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