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4K showcases Klas Telecom Voyager 8 : Radio TOC Kit

KLAS Radio TOC Kit(1)May 6, 2016

The AFCEA TechNet – Fort Bragg Conference & Expo was the unveiling of the new Klas Telecom Radio TOC configuration for their Voyager 8 line.

The customer driven design and requirement provides a robust and compact radio, ISR receive and distribution capability in an airline check-able form factor.


KLAS Radio TOC Kit(description)The Voyager 8 has provided a light-weight, portable solution for tactical networking since 2012. With a built-in UPS and airline carry-on form factor, it is the ideal way to transport and operate your network in a discreet way.

Voyager 8’s capabilities have now been extended to support a range of soldier and backpack radios. Supporting Harris, Thales and L-3 devices, it provides the ideal bridge between IP and radio worlds, without compromising on Size, Weight and Power.

KLAS Radio TOC Kit (supported devices)The Klas Telecom Radio /FMV  TOC Kit is highly customizable allowing for unique configurations that support each customer’s mission.

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4K Solutions is a SDVOSB and authorized Klas Telecom partner.

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