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Corporate Executive Broadband Kit (EBK)

Corporate Executive Broadband Kit “EBK” for our Fortune 100 level client!

4 x SIM cards for connectivity for senior executives to travel globally.

The Executive Broadband Kit – EBK™ is a highly portable 4G/LTE solution designed for discrete use for customers on the move.

The EBK™ is used by NFL videographers and photographers, US Army Telemedicine doctors, US Army Medics to aircraft mechanics doing inspection on large commercial jets. The EBK ™ has a CradlePoint IBR-900 with 4K Solutions rugged cellular and wireless antennas also with the 4K Solutions Rugged Center (RPC) LifePo4 Battery.

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4K Solutions New Cisco Based MBK-1835

4K Solutions New Cisco Based MBK-1835

PRESS RELEASE AUGUST 29, 2023: 4K Solutions®, the “Global Leader in Mobile Broadband Kits” is proud to announces the availability of their new 5G Mobile Broadband Kit - MBK®, MBK-1835 built with the...

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