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5G Mobile Broadband Kits Support International Partner Force

February 24, 2023: 4K Solutions®, the global leader in 5G deployable portable kits is proud to have received a large follow-on contract for our 5G Mobile Broadband Kits (MBK) in-support of an international partner force customer with the primary responsibilities for defending their homeland.

4K Solutions® working in collaboration with our collective team of United Kingdom based international distributors was able to demonstrate and deliver our highly reliable 5G Mobile Broadband Kits.

The 5G Mobile Broadband Kits provide a lightweight, rapidly deployable hand-carry capability to allow the international partner force the ability to quickly set-up encrypted network communications.

4K Solutions® MBK’s can leverage 220 global commercial carriers and the US First Network Authorities’ FirstNet® and UK ESN® first responder networks.

 “Supporting our international customers is a “Team Sport” and we are proud to partner with such high caliber companies as Anywhere Wi-Fi, CS-Comms and Double Trinity.”

 “Our Mobile Broadband Kits are demonstrating everyday how versatile they are on the battlefield, at disaster sites and across the spectrum of everyday portable internet access our customers are asking for”.

David Theriault, President and Founder, 4K Solutions®

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David Theriault
4K Solutions, LLC

About 4K Solutions

4K Solutions, LLC is a US Service-Disabled Veteran Small Business (SDVOSB) CvE) specializing in providing leading information technology and special communications solutions. 4K specializes in rapid commercial off the shelf (COTS) systems design and integration. 4K Solutions is keen at designing robust 5G, satellite and radio over ip (ROIP) PTT and tactical communications solutions for our customers globally.

About Anywhere Wi-Fi, Limited

About Anywhere Wi-Fi, Limited is a UK headquartered communications company providing leading edge portable and fixed site capabilities to their clients. Anywhere Wi-Fi thinks outside of the box and solves their clients’ communications and networking problems quickly. Anywhere Wi-Fi Limited, are the appointed Master Dealer for the Mobile Broadband Kit range for UK and EMEA regions.

About CS-Comms

CS-Comms is a UK headquartered communications company delivering world leading secure communications capability to you and your teams.

Protecting you and your teams from technical and physical threats anywhere in the world.

About Double Trinity

Double Trinity is a UK headquartered communications company which delivers innovative solutions of the highest standards to ensure your operational success.

Focused on a continuous high standardised service, delivering operational excellence and maintain operational readiness and functionality through communicating.

Double Trinity believes strongly in success through teamwork, excellence through training, advancement through technology.



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