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4K /CradlePoint team to Support ResponseForce1

AER 2100 (2)2015-1-25

4K Solutions teamed with CradlePoint to support ResponseForce1.

ResponseForce1 (RF1) was awarded a short notice contract to support a “no-notice” mission. The leadership at RF1 needed a quickly deployable and easy to install, operate and maintain mobile broadband router solution to provide internet services to their remote Case Worker and Logistics teams in the field.

4K Solutions and CradlePoint quickly assessed RF1’s requirements and selected the CradlePoint AER2100LPE-VZ to support their mission. Together with the Verizon Wireless Account Manager we were able to coordinate for the rapid shipment and delivery of the AER2100LPE-VZ providing immediate internet services.

“Active and Working…”    – “Working as advertised…”

ResponseForce1 provides proven solutions and services related to all aspects of Emergency Management.




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