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4K : Supporting DoD/Coalition BLOS Interoperability with Codan HF Radio Systems

4K Ops Checks a Codan “Patrol” 2110M Manpack HF Radio

December 28, 2016

4K is working with Codan Radio Communications to help our US DoD customer solve their Coalition Partner interoperability communications shortfalls.

The Codan fleet of High Frequency (HF) radio systems are easy to understand, learn and to train on and that is what our customers are asking for. Sometimes what is “old” is new “again”.

The DoD customer’s coalition partners forces are financially restricted and their communications training is limited.

Codan Communications and 4K will be supporting our DoD and their coalition partner in an upcoming training exercise where they will evaluate the Codan Patrol and Envoy Systems running encrypted AES-256 voice communications.

Codan provides Manpack, TOC base station and vehicular HF radio systems.

The Codan Patrol 2110M Manpack HF radio using the 10′ whip making radio comms out 8 miles to another 2100M Patrol.


Codan Patrol 2110M Patrol HF Manpack

Contact 4K to learn more about Codan Radio Communications.


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