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OverWatch – Signal Security – Cellular Collection of US Facilities

IMSI Catcher PictureAmerica’s Adversaries are cunning and technically adept at collecting mission critical information from smartphone intercepts.

Key locations targeted:
– VIP Convoy /Escort Operations
– Bases & Posts – Key Government and Military facilities
– Forward Operating Bases (FOB)
– Hotel Rooms / Safe Houses
– Airport terminals
–  Embassies & Consulates

The ESD Overwatch network security system is the world’s first system capable of distributed detection, localization, alarming and neutralization of active attacks on mobile communications via the air interface.

ESD Overwatch enables Signal Security, and counter intelligence operators and authorities to eliminate illegal use of IMSI catchers.

ESD America OverWatch Sensors are available through the USSOCOM Targeted Requirement EXecution (T-REX) Contract T-REX is a $750 million contract to provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance-related equipment for the U.S. Special Operations Command.

ESD OverWatch Sensor










ESD America recently launched the Overwatch cellular interceptor detection system and has been highlighted by news organizations globally.

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