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Antenna Accessory Kits

5G • 4G • LTE Antenna Accessory Kits

Antenna Accessory Kits 

.4K Solutions Antenna Accessory Kits help solve the “low cellular signal” problem many customers experience inside buildings and structures.

Our Antenna Accessory Kits are designed for our Mobile Broadband Kits—MBK™ and our Mobile Repeater Kits™,  Our Antenna   Accessory Kits are used around the globe in events, conferences, disaster response,  military exercises and operations, wildfire operations, disaster response, emergency search and  rescue, hurricane response, and remote areas

What comes in an Antenna Accessory kit:

5G/4G/LTE Outdoor Antennas *4G Kits may get 4G/LTE only

802.11 Wireless Outdoor Antennas


Mil-spec rugged case

Solar Panel

Quick Deploying Antenna Mast with custom travel bag






Antenna Accessory Kit 

Solving low FirstNet™ signal strength for a rural Sheriff’s office. Mobile Repeater Kit – MRK™  running the Cel-Fi Go by Nextivity.


Mobile Repeater Kit and Mobile Broadband Kit on a rural mountaintop.

Antenna Accessory Kit solving low signal strength for the

Sheriff Offices FirstNet™ smart phones.