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Cyber Network Operations

The most realistic hands-on cyber foundation training
Cyber Foundation Training

Tactical Cyber Network Operator Class (CNOC)

The 4K Cyber Network Operations class provides an extensive hands-on learning experience that will help your operators effectively setup, configure, and maintain your remote networks.

4K teaches the basic rudimentary and practical routing and switching skills to allow you to quickly configure your networks to enable voice over ip and video traffic.

4K Solutions® is an authorized Cisco, Cubic , Klas and Motorola Solutions, Inc WAVE® value added reseller, systems integrator and training partner.

Tactical Cyber Network Operations Course supports up to 12 students

4K Solutions® delivers the Tactical Cyber Network Operations Course which supports up to 12 students who work in teams “PODs” to create 6 networks to connect to the main site network. Each consists of the following:
  • Physical network devices
  • Cisco VoIP phones
  • Video Encoders, and
  • Client workstations are included in the training week.
Designed for the new network operators, or as a refresher to existing network engineers.

Designed for new network operators

4K’s Tactical Cyber Network Operator’s class is geared for IT staff who need:
  • Introduction to tactical networks
  • Pre-Deployment Training
  • Cyber Network Operations Training
  • Switching (VLANS, Spanning Tree)
  • Networks/Subnets/DHCP/DNS
  • Multicast PIM and Rendezvous Points
  • VLANS (trunks, routing, multicast)
  • Routing (OSPF, EIGRP, Static)
  • Voice (CME setup)
  • Video (H.264, H.265)
  • Tunnels (IPSEC & GRE)

Complete network operations training lab 

Active all-hands-on and proven effective lab training! Training to empower the student.
  • Router Configurations
  • Switch Configurations
  • Voice
  • Video
  • Security
Vendor agnostic training: Cisco, Cubic/Dtech, Klas Telecom.

Complete Network Operations Lab

Active all-hands-on; Proven effective lab training! Training to empower the student!

User flow sketching
Graphic Designer
Macbook Pros
Group discussion
Office boardroom

4K CNOC Training Schedule

Classes can be tailored to meet your requirements. Class can be conducted up to 12 students. Students work in teams of two. Each team will have the following equipment available to use: a router, a switch, laptop, phones, video encoder, and video source. Each student will receive their own resource manual.

  • Introduction
  • Training Introduction
  • Basic Networking
    – ARP/Networks/NameResolution
    – ARP Tables/DHCP/DNS
  • Connecting to Devices
    – Telnet/Console/TFTP
  • Router Configurations
  • Switch Configurations
  • Spanning Tree
  • Trunks
Lab 1
  • Lab 1A – Common Configuration/Hostname/Login/Line
  • Lab 1B – DHCP
  • Lab 1C – Port Configurations
  • Lab 1D – Recovery/Reset
Lab 2
  • Lab 2A – Common Configurations
  • Lab 2B – Spanning Tree
  • Lab 2C – VLANS
  • Lab 2D – Recovery/Reset
  • Routing VLANS
  • Routing Multicast
  • Routing to outside Networks
Lab 3
  • Lab 3A – VLAN Configuration
  • Lab 3B – Testing VLANS
  • Lab 3C – Multicast on Routers/Rendezvous Points/PIM
  • Lab 3D – Static Routes
  • Lab 3E – OSPF
  • Lab 3F – EIGRP
  • Voice and Video
Lab 4
  • Lab 4A – Telephony Service
  • Lab 4B – Dial Peers
  • Lab 4C – Ephones and Ephone-DNs
  • Lab 4D – Route Patterns
  • Lab 4E – Phone Registration/Provisioning
  • Lab 4F – Testing and Troubleshooting
Lab 5
  • Lab 5A – Network configuration
  • Lab 5B – Streaming VS Viewing
  • Lab 5C – Optimization and Testing
  • Security (Router, Switch)
  • Tunnels (IPSEC, GRE)
Lab 6
  • Lab 6A – Access Lists
  • Lab 6B – Switchport Security
  • Lab 6C – Security Testing
Lab 7
  • Lab 7A – IPSEC Tunnels
  • Lab 7B – GRE Tunnels

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