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Radio over IP (WAVE)

The most comprehensive WAVE 5000 training available
Total WAVE Solution

Motorola WAVE 5000 Training

As a Motorola Solutions Authorized Learning Partner, we offer full WAVE RoIP (Radio over IP) training and professional services. Our WAVE course provides extensive hands-on learning environment that will help you master the installation, configuration and management of your WAVE systems.

WAVE Broadband Push-To-Talk Platform

Push-To-Talk Between All Your Devices and Networks

WAVE provides a powerful PTT platform to enhance and optimize your work group communications. Connects your disparate networks such as radio, cellular, Wi-Fi, telephony and more so you can communicate between them. Whether on a smartphone, radio, computer, landline or any other communications device, your personnel can connect instantly and securely via PTT.

Every Device. Every Network. Every Team. Connected Like Never Before.

Complete WAVE training lab

The WAVE training package supports 12 students, each with their own work station running their own WAVE Management and Media Servers. Physical WAVE Radio Gateways, portable radios and smart devices are included in the WAVE training week. The 4K Solutions is designed for the radio operators, system administrators and network engineers alike.*

4K Solutions delivers a custom designed WAVE training lab to customers in CONUS and OCONUS.

Motorola WAVE 5000 Training

Every Device. Every Network. Every Team. Connected Like Never Before.

User flow sketching
Graphic Designer
Macbook Pros
Group discussion
Office boardroom

4K WAVE Training Schedule

*Classes can be tailored to meet your requirements. Class can be conducted up to 12 students, this allows for each student to have their own equipment for the labs. Each student will have the following equipment available to use: a server, client laptop, phones, radios and their own training material.
  • Set-up Class Room
  • Introduction
  • Wave Training Introduction
  • Building Blocks to making a WAVE
  • Domain
  • Management of a WAVE Domain
  • Deployment guidelines
    Lab 1
    • Lab 1A – Install Management Server
    • Lab 1B – Create user Profiles
    • Lab 1C – Add 3 users
    • Lab 1D – Add a WAVE Channel
    • Lab 1E – Install WAVE Desktop Communicator
    Lab 2
    • Lab 2A – Add new users and a WAVE Channel
    • Lab 2B – Add Channel Groups
    • Lab 2C – Install Media Server
    • Lab 2D – Use of Management Console
    • Lab 2E – Create a global chat channel
    • Lab 2F – Create a multicast trunks
    • Lab 2G – Create 2 new channels
    • Lab 2H – Create Point to Point trunks
    • LMR-Radio overview
    • Gateway configurations
    Lab 3
    • Lab 3A – Add LMR Channels for Push-to-Talk (PTT), E&M
    • Lab 3B – Add Recordings
    • Lab 3C – Retrans-Dispatch console
    • Lab 3D – Multicast trunks for site sharing
    • Lab 3E – Point to Point trunk for site sharing
    • Lab 3F – Add LMR trunk and Channel
    Lab 4
    • Lab 4A – Add Session Groups
    • Lab 4B – Meet-Me
    • Lab 4C – Group Call
    • Lab 4D – Channel Access
    • Lab 4E – Advanced, dial into radio
    • Lab 4F – Save and Restore Databases
    Lab 5
    • Lab 5A – WAVE Domains, publish and subscribe channels
    • Lab 5B – Proxy Server, Mobile Clients & Web Communicator
    • Lab 5C – Discussion of WAVE Zones
    • Final Course exercise
    • Recap
    • User configuration help and questions
    • Tear down classroom

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