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4K Solutions New Cisco Based MBK-1835


AUGUST 29, 2023: 4K Solutions®, the “Global Leader in Mobile Broadband Kits” is proud to announces the availability of their new 5G Mobile Broadband Kit – MBK®, MBK-1835 built with the Cisco IR1835 Rugged Router.

The MBK-1835 FI (Fully Integrated) is an intelligently designed portable 5G networking system configured with the Cisco Catalyst 1835 Rugged Router with modular 5G modem. The MBK-1835 FI provides an 802.11 Wi-Fi 6 wireless and ethernet networking options.

The MBK-1835 FI has a custom storage locker and is powered by the 4K Rugged Power Center LifePo4 battery power management system which provides an estimated 4-8 hours of run time.

The Cisco IR1835 is listed on the National Security Agency (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) hardware and DISA UC APL (DoDIN APL).

The MBK-1835 FI allows for customers to extend their enterprise networks to remote areas and the tactical edge. The easy-to-use pop-up network for executive communications teams, senior leader travelers and small teams.

“We have found that the requirement for Cisco based portable and mobile networking options are critical for our corporate customers with large Cisco enterprises. These enterprise customers extend their networks without VPN’s across large campuses, manufacturing facilities, and solar farms. Our DoD customers require black side and colorless core routers in front of their classified networking systems. They also require portable CSfC MBK™ travel kits. The MBK-1835 will allow all of these customers this flexibility.” David Theriault, President and Founder, 4K Solutions®

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David Theriault
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About 4K Solutions

4K Solutions, LLC is a US Service-Disabled Veteran Small Business (SDVOSB) CvE) specializing in providing leading information technology and special communications solutions systems integrator and value-added reseller providing rapid fielding solutions design, professional services and information technology training.

4K is keen at designing robust 4G/LTE and satellite deployable solution sets for our customers globally. 4K has delivered thousands of Mobile Broadband Kits – MBK™ to the Department of Defense and Global customers and is a leader in radio over ip (ROIP) systems design and fielding’s.

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